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"We have been boarding and training at Northern Equestrian Centre with Alison Brebner for over three years now. My daughter is currently training at third and fourth levels with Alison and both my daughter and her horse have made significant progress thanks to her expert training methodologies and superior interpersonal skills. Our horse is very well-cared for, happy and healthy.

Showing with Aliy is a pleasurable, fun experience, and we have learned a tremendous amount about the right way to care for our horse in a strange environment, proper warming techniques, how to interact with other riders, safety, equipment, proper trailering, show rules and cooperation. Prior to the show season, Aliy worked with my daughter to establish attainable, meaningful goals. Aliy sets ground rules for her stable, and first and foremost is treating both your horse and your fellow riders with respect and kindness – at home and on the road. She is calm and matter-of-fact -watching and learning from Aliy in these situations has been a tremendous opportunity for my daughter.

My daughter has flourished under her tutelage and is now looking to make the sport of dressage, training and learning to coach her life’s passion. How could you ask for anymore from a coach and mentor?!"

Maggie Harvey


"My young and horse and I arrived at Northern Equestrian Centre in the Fall of 2008 after having lost confidence in one another. Within months of working with Aliy, both horse and rider learned to trust and enjoy training again. With our confidence restored, we found success during our first year in dressage competition in 2009. Like all riders at NEC, we now have a training program tailored individually for us that is designed at making a successful partnership for now and into the future. We could not be happier.

Many instructors can tell you what you are doing wrong, but Aliy can tell you precisely how to make positive changes to improve your equitation while giving you the tools and skills to work with your horse independently. The riders and horses at NEC are confident in their work, whether they are in the show ring or hacking through the field.

This is a barn where the health of the horse is paramount and both Aliy and the staff take personal interest and care in each horse. There is nothing better than knowing that your equine partner is treated with care and respect at all times."

The atmosphere at Northern Equestrian Centre is relaxed and collegial as riders and owners cheer on each others’ riding goals and aspirations, no matter how big or small.

Rhonda Burke (and Don Deimos)

"Alison has been working with Julia and King from the start -- helping them build a strong partnership and a real sense of mutual trust. Over the last several months of private lessons, I have shared in their excitement as King reached each new milestone in his training. I attribute these milestones to the patience and unrelenting enthusiasm that Alison brings to each and every one of Julia's lessons. At times when the next milestone seems especially challenging, Alison always seems to know how to talk to Julia. She knows that sometimes what's needed is a firm no-nonsense talking-to, but also recognizes when what's needed is a gentle, reassuring hug.

I look forward to this summer's show season with much anticipation. As you know, I believe that competition should be about having fun and achieving new personal bests. At yesterday's show, Julia and King acheived a huge personal best -- one that I know is a direct result of Alison's dedication to her profession."

Carol Todd

Northern Equestrian Centre Dressage Training"Four years ago, I decided to take up horseback riding after a 25-year hiatus. Shortly after beginning my lessons, I developed an interest in dressage, and was fortunate to have Alison as my coach.
I have participated in both group and private lessons with Alison. Private lessons are geared to specific rider needs in a setting that facilitates learning. Group lessons often included students with an age span of 30 years. In such a challenging environment, Alison is easily able to employ techniques to motivate younger students and make their lessons fun, while at the same time employ the principles of adult learning to ensure that new skills are relevant and built on those previously attained.

Alison utilizes three ways of acquiring new knowledge to assist students in understanding new principles. She demonstrates aids and techniques for her visual learners. Auditory and kinesthetic learners are provided with timely and specific verbal feedback during lessons so that students are able to make changes in position and correct their aids to develop the muscle memory needed for any physical task.

Overall, I find that Alison is an excellent coach. She uses appropriate feedback and utilizes well-timed praise to provide a setting that is both motivational and enjoyable for students of all ages."

Kathi Cullen